Sermon On The Mount

Sermon On The Mount 

SERMON ON THE MOUNT is one of the most profound messages that Jesus gave to His followers about the ways a believer should live their lives. (Matthew 5:1-2). The sermon on the mount message is still relevant today in our daily lives as a Christian. The Sermon on the Mount covers several different topics that we have listed below. If we were to summarize the Sermon in one sentence; it would be to live a life dedicated to pleasing God, free from hypocrisy, false teachings, full of love, grace, wisdom and concernment. Jesus begins to teach His disciples these things.

The Beatitudes

Blessed are the poor in spirit: (Matthew 5:3), for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Those who do not have all the truth, but realize their need for Him. "Those who put their trust in Jesus." (Psalm 84:12, James 2:5, Luke 6:20).

Blessed are they that mourn: (Matthew 5:4), they shall be comforted. Those going through tough times will be comforted. (2 Corinthians 1:3) The comforter is the Holy Spirit. (John 14:16, 2 Corinthians 1:4). The more we suffer for our faith, the more Jesus comforts us in times of trouble. (2 Corinthians 1:5).

Blessed are the meek: (Matthew 5:5), for they shall be comforted. Those who humble themselves towards others. The meek will be lifted up, and the wicked brought down to the ground. (Psalm 147:6).

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: (Matthew 5:6), for they shall be filled. Those who have strong desire for truth and righteousness. Not traditions of men and false teachings. "Those who are thirsting for truth." (John 4:14, 7:37).

Blessed are the merciful: (Matthew 5:7), for they shall obtain mercy. Those who are compassionate towards others. Can you feel another's needs? Can you understand where they are coming from? Show mercy towards others and when the time comes, mercy will be shown to you.

Blessed are the pure at heart: (Matthew 5:8), for they shall see God. Those who are pure in mind. Only they will you see God. Clear the mind of all junk and things against the will of God. (Romans 12:2).

Blessed are the peacemakers: (Matthew 5:9), for they shall be called children of God. Those who strive for peace and peace of mind in this troubled world. (Colossians 3:13, Psalm 133:1).

Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: (Matthew 5:10), for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Many have been persecuted for standing for Jesus and teaching His message. Never worry about if you stand for Christ and teach the truth of His Word, He will take care of you. (1 Peter 3:13-14, revelation 2:10).

Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. (Matthew 5:11). When you teach the truth of God's Word, you will be talked about and falsely accused. People will look for every fault they can against you. The sad part is that most of this will come from your friends and family.

Have Faith

Let Your Light Shine

Salt of the earth and Light of the world. (Matthew 5:13-16). Your salt is your teachings. If it looses it's flavor it is worthless. (Dry boring teachings). The Word is alive and exciting when you stick to the truth. "Satan uses sugar to puff up teachers, then their pride sets in." Beware of false teachings! You as a Christian are the light of the world (example of truth), so keep planting seeds of truth. Let your light shine through your good works and people will realize you have a good spirit.

Laws of Jesus

Jesus came not to destroy but to fulfilled the Law. (Matthew 5:17-20). Jesus came to fulfill the law, not to destroy the law. (Luke 16:17). Don't let any man tell you that there is no more law of God. Only the statutes and ordinances were done away with, but the law of God still stands. Yes, that includes the ten commandments.

Anger and murder can lead to danger of judgment. Thou shalt not kill, (Matthew 5:21-26). What is meant here about the word "kill," is "murder," or criminal homicide. This has nothing to do with self defense or casualties of war. As for the anger part of this teaching, it tells us not to be angry with a fellow Christian or hold a grudge. Settle your differences and make things right with people. (Luke 12:59).

Lust and adultery in your mind. (Matthew 5:27-30). Don't be unfaithful to your partner. It is good to look upon God's creations, but don't sexually lust after them. (1 John 2:16). Don't put up with a bad member of the church, if they cause problems and start false teachings, cast them out!

Divorce and remarriage is not the unpardonable sin. (Matthew 5:31-32). Divorce was legal for the right reasons. (Deuteronomy 24:1-4). Keep in mind that God divorced Israel. (Jeremiah 3:8). Example: Sexual immorality is means for a divorce. (Matthew 19:9).

Oaths, let your word be your bond. (Matthew 5:33-37). Don't swear by heaven, or in God's name, don't swear on yourself. (James 5:12). Keep it simple; say 'yes I will, or no I won't.' Your word should be good enough.

Eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth. (Matthew 5:38-42). The old "eye for an eye." Laws of retaliation. (Exodus 21:24, Leviticus 24:17-23, Deuteronomy 19:21). Turn the other cheek. If you offend someone they may give you a slap. If that is the case, "turn the other cheek." However, if someone comes and slaps you for no reason, "knock them on their ass," they are the one's who deserve it. Don't be to quick to sue someone, give them a chance to make amends. Always be fair and go the extra mile to those who need help, or when performing a service for others. If someone needs help or something to borrow, do your best to assist them if possible.

Love your enemies as you love your neighbors. (Matthew 5:43-48). It may be hard at first, but Jesus always tells us to love our enemies as God's children. Everyone deserves a chance. If you only love those who love you, what good is that? Anyone can do that. If you are friendly only to people you know, how are you different from anyone else? Even the heathen do that. Crack a smile for a stranger once in a while, "it goes a long way."

Give to the needy, but do your good deeds in secret. (Matthew 6:1-4). Don't do your good deeds publicly to be admired, for then you will lose the reward from the Heavenly Father. Do your good deeds in secret and give God the credit.

Pray to God in secret, not in public as the hypocrites do. (Matthew 6:5-12). When you pray, don't be like the hypocrites who pretend piety by praying publicly in front of others where everyone can see you, because that is all the reward you will ever get, and your prayers may not be answered. It may make you feel so holy or religious in front of others, but that is about the extent of it. Pray alone in secret and talk with the Heavenly Father, not a bunch of repetitions like the heathens do. Try the Lord's Prayer. (Matthew 6:16-18). If you fast, do it in secret and God will reward you. No need to impress others.

Stairway to Heaven

Build your treasures in Heaven, not here on earth. (Matthew 6:19-24). Don't let your heart or mind think your salvation depends upon your wealth. "You can't buy your way to heaven." Your works, good deeds or (righteous acts) if you will, are the only things that will follow you to Heaven. (Revelation 14:13). If your treasures are in Heaven your heart will be there too. (Isaiah 33:6). If your treasures are in built up in the world, chances are you will have a worldly heart. (Luke 12:342 Corinthians 4:18). You cannot serve God and money. (Luke 16:131 timothy 6:9-10).

Do not worry about things, God will always provide. (Matthew 6:25-34). Don't always worry about things! If you always worry about material things or money, it will take you away from God. Don't miss out on blessings by always worrying, rather trust in the Heavenly Father. The martial artist Bruce Lee once quoted: Life is like a finger pointing to the sky; "don't concentrate on the finger, or you will miss out on all the heavenly glory."

Do not judge hypocritically and you will not be judged. (Matthew 7:1-6). Don't criticize or be negative towards others all the time, then you won't be criticized. Work on your own faults before you try solving other peoples problems. If you are going to teach God's Word, don't cast your pearls before swine; teach it to those who seek it. Not to those who really don't care or reject it. (Proverbs 9:7-12).

Jesus Loves You

Ask and You Will Receive

Ask, seek, and knock; the door will open and the truth will be revealed. (Matthew 7:7-12). Christ is not speaking of material things here. He is speaking of God's Word and one that is following His work. Here is the combination: Ask for something that will further the will of God. Seek out the wisdom and knowledge in His Word; knock and call out to Him. "He will open the door and the truth will be revealed to you." To sum it up Jesus moves down to the verse 12 what is know as the Law of Love. "Do to others what you want them to do to you." (Luke 6:31). The "law of liberty," "love your neighbor as thyself." (Galatians 5:13-14).

The narrow gate is the way to righteousness and to heaven. (Matthew 7:13-14). The narrow gate is the way to righteousness and to heaven. The wide path is the ways of the world, the highway to hell. (Those who always want to take the easy way out). You have two paths, or gates to follow. Reference: (Deuteronomy 30:14-18).

Beware of False Teachers

Beware of false prophets who teach their own doctrine and traditions of men. (Matthew 7:15-23). A prophet is a true man of God and teacher of the Word. Plenty of fakes out there deceiving people teaching their own doctrine and traditions of men. Christ warns us to stay away from these wolves in sheep's clothing. A good teacher will bring forth good fruit, the truth in the Word. At judgment, many will say they are of Christ; but Jesus will say to them, I never knew you. (Luke 13:27).

The wise builder is one who builds his faith upon Jesus Christ our rock. (Matthew7:24-27). Our faith needs to be built on a strong foundation which is Jesus Christ. (1 Corinthians 3:10-11). The truth of God's Word, for He is the Living Word. Don't listen to some blowhard who teaches traditions of men and false doctrine. In the end times, every mans works will be tested by fire. ( 1Corinthians 3:13).

When Jesus ended His sermon the people were in awe and were astonished at His teachings. (Matthew 7:28-29). What made the sermon on the mount so moving is that Jesus taught the people with authority, and not as the scribes. A good teacher always teaches with authority and truth of God's Word. "Not someone who follows church doctrine and traditions of men." Jesus didn't spend much time quoting others, Jesus knew and taught like it was His own Word. Well, it was, "Jesus is the Living Word." (John 1:1-2).

Keep the faith,